Principals’ Message

The 21st century is characterized by a rapidly changing, technology-based economy and an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and complex world. In this new landscape, education has to be designed to meet current needs while anticipating emerging and future challenges that both pupils, and, in turn, student teachers in the 21st century world cannot shun from. New paradigms of teaching and learning must continue to be developed; teacher competencies as such need to be rethought and redefined in the process. The teacher educator must move from training passive transmitters of knowledge to educating professionals who understand the evolving educational landscape and can successfully adapt to effectively develop independent, flexible, and lifelong learners in themselves and in their students. In response to these global educational landscape changes as well as to the changing needs colleges of education must continue to improve on the model of Teacher Education for the 21st century. The paradigm of teacher education should aim to develop student teachers into professional reflective practitioners. At the same time, recognising the equal importance between teaching competencies and teacher identity, a values-centred teacher education programme based on a framework to attend to values (V), skills (S) and knowledge (K) expected of a 21st century teacher must be implemented. The values domain should further be delineated in terms of learner centred values, teacher identity values and values oriented towards service to the profession and the community. These have to be organised along three performance dimensions – professional practice, leadership and management, and personal effectiveness .

Barpeta B.T. college has been striving for these so far and will continue to strive.For past three decades we have been trying to educate student teacher community who can contribute much to improving the standard of school education through their contribution. Quality is always the first concern here. The very purpose of establishing this college has always been realized over the years. we are happy that you are going to be part of this institution in this noble journey. So I wish you heartfelt welcome and promise you a fruitful academic years with us.